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Auraria Sculpture Studio:
Metal Studio Safety Rules:

•Wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment.

•No welding of painted or coated metals (e.g. galvanized, powder coated).

•Use the ventilation system whenever welding or brazing.

•Use screens around your work area when welding.

•No gloves while operating power tools (e.g. stationary sanders, pedestal grinders).

•Close valves and purge all gas lines when finished using bottled gases.

•Ask the Studio Manager or your instructor to change gas bottles. Never move a gas bottle without its protective cap.

•All grinding and sanding of metal must be done in the grinding room (192B) using appropriate personal protective equipment and ventilation.

•Store flammable or corrosive chemicals in the appropriate cabinets, labeled with your name and the semester.

•The application of hot patinas should take place on the Patio.

Metal Studio Safety Rules

Metal Studio Safety Rules: