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Auraria Sculpture Studios Work Rules:

•No outside visitors, children or pets are allowed in the studio.

•Always use applicable ventilation and dust collection systems.

•Tools are not to be removed from the studio.

•Work should be done in the appropriate studio, e.g. metal should be ground in the Metal Grinding Room (192 B).

•Use tools and machines appropriate to the material/process being used, e.g. only dedicated tools should be used in the wax or plaster areas.

•Do not use machine beds as work surfaces.

•No aerosol sprays in the studios. Whenever possible, use the loading dock for products with noxious fumes, and use paper or cardboard to protect the area around your work.

•All flammable materials should be labeled with the student’s name and the semester, and stored in one of the flammables cabinets.

•No students are allowed to use the foundry equipment without direct faculty supervision.

General Studio Work Rules

General Studio Work Rules