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Auraria Sculpture Studios Safe Practices and Procedures:

All students working in the studio are required to know and follow posted safety rules:
•DO NOT USE ANY MACHINERY FOR WHICH YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED INSTRUCTION! If you are not 100% sure about any tool operation or the safety of a procedure - ask your instructor or the studio manager before proceeding.

•Always follow the directions of the studio monitors.

•It is your responsibility to know and use the appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment for the operation you are performing.

•All flammable materials must be labeled with the student’s name and the date, and stored in a flammables cabinet.

•Studio attire:
-Long hair must be securely bound behind the head.
-No shoes that expose the top of the feet. Leather work shoes are preferred, and required when working in the Foundry.
-No baggy or loose fitting clothing, no cords hanging, no scarves, no gloves, shirttails must be tucked in, long sleeves rolled-up.
-No jewelry on the arms or fingers, nothing hanging from the neck.
-Long pants are preferable, and cotton pants are required when welding or working with hot materials.

•Do not work in the studio when fatigued or under the influence of any mind impairing substances.

•Know the location of fire extinguishers, emergency shut-offs, and emergency call boxes. USE CAMPUS CALL BOXES TO REPORT EMERGENCIES.

•Do not remove tool safety guards without permission from your instructor or the studio manager.

•No head-sets while using tools/machines. The monitors must be able to call out and get your attention.

•Do not distract anyone that is operating a tool.

•Report any broken, malfunctioning equipment to the Studio Manager. Never use any malfunctioning/damaged equipment.

•A clean studio is a safe studio. Clean machines, workbenches and floors, and return tools to the tool room as you work.

The violation of any of these rules may result in disciplinary action and/or the suspension of studio privileges!

Safe Practices and Procedures:

Sculpture Studio Safety Rules