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Foundry Safety

• Casting metal is an inherently dangerous process that can result in serious injury or death.
• Students must have direct faculty or Studio Manager supervision to operate foundry equipment.
• Safety measures will be discussed and shown in class and it is mandatory that they be followed.
• It is everyone’s responsibility to keep an eye out for dangerous situations or behavior, and point them out to the instructor or Studio Manager immediately.

• Always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when working in the foundry. If you have questions, ask the Studio Manager or your instructor.
o All personal clothing and footwear must be flame resistant (e.g. cotton, leather).
• Focus on the job at hand.
o Have all moves planned and rehearsed prior to any operation.
o Pay attention to your surroundings whether you are pouring or just observing.
• Keep the work area clear of obstructions.
• Even trace amounts of moisture and molten metal don't mix! Steam explosions are the #1 cause of death in foundries.
o NEVER put water on a metal fire.
o Never pour over wet surfaces.
o Always charge crucibles when still cold.
• Adding metal to a hot crucible is very dangerous, as moisture on the metal can cause the contents of the crucible to explode.
• Always use the sand pit when pouring, and be sure that molds are stable.
o Spilled molten metal can travel for a great distance- keep work areas clear.
o Molten metal spilled on concrete will cause the concrete to explode.
• Always use clean metal as feedstock.
o Combustion vapors from metal coatings and associated chemicals can be very toxic.
• Always use the ventilation fans when using the burnout kiln or the furnace, as fumes and dust generated can be toxic.
o Fan switches should be returned to the AUTO position at the end of the working session.

Auraria Foundry Rules

Safe practices and procedures for the Auraria Sculpture Studio's Foundry